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“At ‘Gittin’ Off Zero,’ we believe that meaningful change is achieved through collaboration and community. We are proud to partner with a diverse network of businesses and associations that share our commitment to empowerment, growth, and positive change. Explore our esteemed partners and the collective impact we are making together.”

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The Butter beans and corn bread business association

Mission Statement

The mission of the Butter Beans and Cornbread Business Association (BBCBA) is to collaborate and empower ourselves and the community. we aim to foster economic empowerment, educational advancement, and social equality for ourselves and the community.

Kemet Club

The purpose of the Kemet Club is to provide a safe-space to meet and assemble in fellowship among people who share our consciousness and vision. Those who have been BAF members in good standing for at least 6 months….

68th and Monroe

What’s in a name? 68th & Monroe® is inspired by my birth year, 1968 and my first grandchild, Nova Monroe—that’s it. In our logo, the 68th & Monroe® cross-street symbolizes, among other things, direction, destination and purpose….


Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of jazz with 2unes captivating CD collection. Indulge in the smooth melodies, mesmerizing rhythms, and soulful tunes that will transport you to a realm of musical brilliance. Visit 2unes today!

Big Boss Filmworks

Want to take your experience with Big Boss Filmworks to the next level. How? With exclusive content, merch, communication with us sharing, stories, ideas and strategies on living life in the struggle. Entrepreneurs, Authors….

The True Detergent

Established in November 2012, True Products, is a startup manufacturing and Distribution Company that specializes in household cleaning supplies. True Products has over 25 distributors and currently does business in over 18 states….

Atlanta Souvenirs LLC

Atlanta Souvenir kiosks are conveniently located in Downtown Atlanta in front of the Georgia Aquarium and World of Coke on Baker St. We have the best souvenir gifts and carry a full assortment Atlanta T-shirts, Hats, Skyline mugs….

R & R Bins and Wagons

We were formally Attic Close out , been in business since 2005, formally located at 1264 Custer Ave Atlanta Ga 30316 now located @ 1585 Moreland Ave Atlanta, Ga 30316. Spend $25 or more and get your loyalty card stamped

Negash Apprel & Footware

Negash Means “Heir To The Throne”
The name Negash is of African Amharic and Tigrinya origin. The meaning of Negash is “in line to rule”. Negash is generally used as a boy’s name. It consists of 6 letters and…