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Elevating Dreams Starts With Gittin’ Off Zero

“Join us on the journey towards personal growth, empowerment, and a brighter future.”

Our Founder Ray Tatum

Vision for Empowering Communities and Uplifting Lives

The GOZ Vision: Founded by Raymond Tatum, “Gittin’ Off Zero” embodies his passion for motivating the Black community and communities worldwide, fostering an upward-bound mindset for millions.


Street Wisdom, Global Inspiration: Born from a street phrase, “Gittin’ Off Zero” has evolved into a worldwide movement, inspiring individuals to overcome obstacles and improve their lives.

Gittin' Off Zero' Merchandise

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Gittin’ Off Zero Heavy Cotton Tee

The Gittin’ Off Zero heavy cotton tee is the basic staple of any wardrobe. It is the foundation upon which…


The Guide to Gittin’ Off Zero

The Starting Point of Ones Goals, Aspirations and Dreams.


GITTIN’ OFF ZERO is an African -American expression, it is generally understood as pulling oneself up by the bootstrap. GITTIN’ OFF ZERO is the starting point of ones goals, aspirations and dreams, whether they be mental, spiritual, physical, intellectual, Financial, political or social. GITTIN’ OFF ZERO is an Upward Bound mindset requiring honest self-examination, self evaluation, and self appraisal.

GITTIN’ OFF ZERO is the realization of one’s position in the universe and the subsequent tactics employed to improve, as well as maintain one’s condition.

GITTIN’ OFF ZERO Embraces the sometimes terrifying feeling of change, for we know that change, when spoken of in Terms of
GITTIN’ OFF ZERO , will lead the individual to more prosperous Horizons. A human being who has fully absorbed the concept and principles, which GITTIN’ OFF ZERO represents, will signify the upstanding individual, fortified with perseverance, discipline and tenacity.

So, as we at GITTIN’ OFF ZERO
Will continue to shout:

Lean On Me, I’ll be your hero, hold on tight, we’re GITTIN’ OFF ZERO!

” Up Up And Away

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 – When We Were Kings
Chapter 2 – The Curse of Integration
Chapter 3 – Family Is the Glue
Chapter 4 – Return to the Motherland
Chapter 5 – Get Your Mind Right
Chapter 6 – Black Boardooms
Chapter 7 – A Call to Duty
Chapter 8 – Vote or Die Trying
Chapter 9 – Standards
Chapter 10 – Conclusion


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Most Asked Questions
What is "Gittin' Off Zero"?

“Gittin’ Off Zero” is a movement and company inspired by the vision of Raymond Tatum. It encourages individuals to embrace seven key principles aimed at personal growth, empowerment, and community betterment.

What are the 7 Principles of Gittin' Off Zero?

The 7 Principles include Intellectual, Mental, Physical, Spiritual, Financial, Political, and Social aspects. These principles guide individuals to improve various aspects of their lives and positively impact their communities.

How can I apply these principles in my life?

Each principle provides a framework for self-improvement. You can apply them by adopting habits that align with these principles, such as reading for intellectual growth, practicing open-mindedness, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and engaging in your community’s political processes.

Can anyone join the "Gittin' Off Zero" movement?

Yes, “Gittin’ Off Zero” is an inclusive movement that welcomes individuals from all backgrounds and communities who share the values of self-improvement and empowerment.

What kind of products does "Gittin' Off Zero" offer?

“Gittin’ Off Zero” offers a range of merchandise that reflects its mission of inspiration and empowerment. These products may include clothing, accessories, and items designed to motivate and inspire individuals.

How can I get involved with "Gittin' Off Zero"?

You can get involved by exploring the 7 Principles, using them as a guide for self-improvement, and sharing your experiences with the “Gittin’ Off Zero” community. You can also support the movement by purchasing merchandise and spreading the message of empowerment.

Where can I learn more about "Gittin' Off Zero"?

To learn more, visit our website, follow us on social media, and engage with our community. You can also find updates on events, merchandise, and stories of individuals who have embraced the 7 Principles of Gittin’ Off Zero.

Does "Gittin' Off Zero" engage in community activities or events?

“Gittin’ Off Zero” encourages community involvement and awareness. While specific events may vary, the movement promotes participating in local activities, supporting community initiatives, and becoming actively engaged in positive change.


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